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Acer Aspire 5560g Driver Download

Windows 7 (64bit)



Description Vendor Version Size Date
Audio Driver Realtek 146.8 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Bluetooth Driver Broadcom 63.2 MB 07/04/2011
Bluetooth Driver Atheros 7.02.0000.0065 100.0 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Card Reader Driver Broadcom 15.1 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
LAN Driver Broadcom 60.4 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Modem Driver liteon 2.2.99 2.0 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Touchpad Driver ELANTECH 61.0 MB 07/04/2011
Touchpad Driver Synaptics 33.1 MB 07/04/2011


Description Vendor Version Size Date
VGA Driver AMD 8.901.3.0000 170.7 MB 11/23/2011
VGA Driver AMD 8.834.1.2000 152.6 MB 07/04/2011

Wireless LAN

Description Vendor Version Size Date
Wireless LAN Driver Atheros 34.6 MB 07/04/2011
Wireless LAN Driver Broadcom 31.7 MB 07/04/2011


Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit)



Description Vendor Version Size Date
Audio Driver Realtek 166.9 MB 10/20/2012


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Bluetooth Driver Broadcom 165.6 MB 10/19/2012
Bluetooth Driver Atheros 8.0.0000.0206 185.9 MB 10/19/2012


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Card Reader Driver Broadcom 15.4 MB 10/19/2012


Description Vendor Version Size Date
Touchpad Driver ELANTECH 180.3 MB 10/19/2012
Touchpad Driver Synaptics 118.6 MB 10/20/2012


Description Vendor Version Size Date
VGA Driver AMD 8.982.7.0000 213.6 MB 10/19/2012

Wireless LAN

Description Vendor Version Size Date
Wireless LAN Driver Broadcom 34.6 MB 10/19/2012
Wireless LAN Driver Atheros 37.1 MB 10/19/2012


Computer Driver Acer Aspire 5560g is a program (software) that works in controlling any hardware (hardware) install on the computer, so that the hardware can run and interact with other programs and hardware.

Because the use of a device is use in a different way, the driver Acer Aspire 5560g can be compare as a manual book that contain guideline on how a tool can be use and must be learn by humans in order to use the tool. In real people can learn the tool itself different from the computer so that the operating system can control the devices that are newly install on the computer such as Mouse, Keyboard, VGA, Printer then must be install in advance a driver Acer Aspire 5560g.

For common devices such as mice and keyboard have been provid inside the operating system so there is no need to do installation manually. As for hardware such as VGA, Printer, etc. must install the manual by downloading a driver Acer Aspire 5560g on the official Websiter vendor or via CD/DVD given when purchasing a device.

Driver function

In the computer the driver Acer Aspire 5560g works as a translator between. The communication of the device itself with the operating system. Because every computer hardware only works in its own way. And language (not using the standard command). While the install selfie excepting must be able to communicate with the operating system in order to be used.

From the explanation above, it can be said that the main function of a driver Acer Aspire 5560g is to provide transparency as well as act as a hardware translator (Hardrware) with an operating system (OS) or an app on a computer. The maker of the application can control the hardware easily simply by implementing the API (Application Programming Interface) provide driver Acer Aspire 5560g with a higher program language.

Driver Example

Base on the driver Acer Aspire 5560g’s main function. Every device on the computer must be install driver Acer Aspire 5560g first in order to be usable. Special devices such as mouse, keyboard, and pendrive. Then do not need to be install because it already exists on different operating system. With a printer, scanner, VGA, Sound Card, LAN Card, Audio Card, etc. must be install manually. Usually to perform the installation of driver Acer Aspire 5560g already provide CD/DVD. When card hardware or laptop new but another way if not provide then can be download on

How to Install Driver

In performing the cer Aspire 5560g installation is very easy as to install other application on the computer. There are two ways to perform a Acer Aspire 5560g installation when you have install Windows or a new operating system that is install one by one according to the hardware use but there is a quick guard in the installation of Acer Aspire 5560g ie use Acer Aspire 5560gpack.

Types of computer Driver

  • Audio driver: audio or sound relate components
  • Bios driver: motherboard-relate components
  • Chipset driver: Components relate to chip components on the motherboard
  • Graphics driver: visual-relate components
  • Keyboard driver: keyboard-relate components
  • Mouse driver: mouse-relate components
  • Storage driver: Components relate to data storage tools
  • Webcam Driver: Camera-relate components
  • Network driver: network-relate components

The driver functions as a guide or controller so that the computer can select. And run the hardware that is already install on the computer. The driver performance on the computer is an example of a handbook for each hardware device that is install. Suppose the VGA driver means it can be said as a guide to perform the VGA function optimally so that the power consumption of the computer is not wasteful.

Even a small number of devices can’t run like Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and so on. This can occur because the driver is not install or the driver. That you have install has not been updated. Usually, when reinstalling the operating system is also in line with the driver installation. So it will facilitate its customer. The driver function can be said to be especially important in hardware install¬†on your computer.


Acer Aspire 5560g driver Smart WiFi router, better known as Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER. Is for those who need to save a few bucks while creat up-to-date wireless networks. At $190, it was priced around $100 less than the competition. And provide a strong throughput, but could not fit with various other the 802.11 AC routers.


At 11.2 x 7.3 x 2.0 inches, black, the Netgear Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER elbow looks like a smaller version of the company Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER. Three antennas such as those attached to the back use beam-forming technology to optimize signals. They can be directed to grab the strongest signal or open the lid and be replaced with a third-party option.

Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER can be installed on the wall or can sit on the shelf. third-party option. Unfortunately, the on-wall AC Adapter, at 3.5 x 2.8 x 1.1-inches, is a big awkward and more than double the size of the Acer Aspire 5560g driver Power plug.

Along the front edge, Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER has a dozen LED status. The light indicates when turned on, connected to the web and has activity on two bands. In addition, there is a light indicating whether the Ethernet Port is active, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), and whether Wi-Fi transmission is enabled.

Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER

Unlike the more expensive Netgear Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER, there is no physical switch behind to turn off the lights, but you can do it from the system software. However, Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER has no keys to power, activates WPS and disables its Wi-Fi transmission. There is also a hidden reset button to wipe the firmware settings and start over.

The back of Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER has a 4-Gigabit Ethernet Port, but it doesn’t have a high-speed Port that works with Acer Aspire 5560g Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER. There is a 2.0 USB port in the back, as well as a 3.0 USB connection on the front for hard drives, memory keys and printers. But Acer Aspire 5560g not without the eSATA Acer Aspire 5560g driver Port to directly insert in the hard drive.

Instead of the Tri-band design, Acer Aspire 5560g used a dual-band 3×3 approach with 2.4 nd 5-GHz transmitters. This adds up to theoretical bandwidth of 1.9 Gbps. Recently, Netgear added a 4×4-based R7500 model, which peaked at 2.3 Gbps, but It costs $100 more.


All were told, it took about five minutes to make a Wi-Fi network around Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER. Software Genie Netgear intuitively appears to set the system. Alternately, you can manually configure Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER. At the end of the configuration process, Acer Aspire 5560g provides a summary page of all settings and passwords.

Acer Aspire 5560g arrives with a unique network name and passcode, which is printed on the label under the router; They should keep changing quickly. Routers can work with everything from WEP to WPA2 encryption techniques, have Network Address Translation (NAT) and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewalls, and can protect against Denial of service attacks.

Can run as a router, Access Point or wireless bridge to push Wi-Fi network into a part that is not closed from home, Acer Aspire 5560gmis versatile. It can work with PC based or time-based MAC backup machines, setting up an FTP site for remote access and operating as a DLNA and iTunes media server.

I can connect various Android, iOS and PC clients to Acer Aspire 5560g manually or use its WPS system. On the downside, the system cannot use a radius or an LDAP server to authenticate potential clients. However, the system can set up a protective guest network that allows internet access but can block the use of network drives.


As is the case with Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER, Acer Aspire 5560g Genie software has apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. On the other hand, you can enter system settings by pointing the Web browser window in the router’s home address.

The Genie main screen gives a good picture, showing how many clients are connect, which band is active, the status of the guest network, whether parental controls are in use and connect USB devices.

The details are arrange in categories on the left side, and the software prominently show the router firmware version.

As is the case with Acer Aspire 5560g, Genie displays the password as a scrolling type. In other words, it does not show to strangers, or friends in this regard.

Acer Aspire 5560g can list and map its clients, and includes a nice traffic meter to monitor what is coming and going. There is an easy-to-Setup quality system service, which prioritizes packages of selected data or clients to get special treatment.

Acer Aspire 5560g is a step behind the more-Premium 802.11 AC router when it comes to extras. It has no online storage, virus scanner and the ability to use a 3G/4G USB dongle for emergency internet access, put a step or two behind the Acer Aspire 5560g $264 Acer Aspire 5560g. Fortunately, it can enter DD-WRT open-source firmware write for Acer Aspire 5560g. Which can be used to tweak the performance of the router or add feature.


Powered by a 1GHz processor with 256MB of RAM and 128MB of storage space. Acer Aspire 5560g can work with three independent lanes of data streams. The Router dual-band Tops out on theoretical 1.9 Gbps of bandwidth.

Based on a test with the ixChariot software and the blocked transmission. Acer Aspire 5560g is able to move up to 444.8 Mbps from a combined bandwidth of 5 feet. That’s about 35 percent of what the Tri-band routers can do. And slightly behind the 446 Mbps achieved by the dual-band which sells for about $120.

It should be note that while the Acer Aspire 5560g hit its peak about 5 meter from its client. 812DRU did it closer to 15 feet.

In 5-GHz mode, the Acer Aspire 5560g ability to move 353.8 Mbps data on 5 feet. Far above the average throughput of 315.2 Mbps and in front of $300 Acer Aspire 5560g shows 302.3 Mbps. R700 is the second best compare to Acer Aspire 5560g RT-AC68U’s Mark of 361.3 Mbps.


In Tom’s Guide Test Laboratory, Acer Aspire 5560g maintains a throughput of 252.4 Mbps of 140 feet. Good enough for the best average (211 Mbps) and TrendNet (209.5 Mbps). But still lacks from Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER AC68U (291.7 Mbps). However, in an older house with many walls, Acer Aspire 5560g lost contact with the client at 140 feet. That’s a 25 foot short of the class-leading Acer Aspire 5560g, but 5 feet longer. Than the DGL-5500. This may be more than enough for an apartment or small house. But it will not populate your McMansion with data.

The Router 91 Mbps from the 2.4-GHz bandwidth is quite good for the central-of-The-Pack results, trailing Acer Aspire 5560g driver (92.3 Mbps), but also before the RT-AC68U (74.9 Mbps).

I used Acer Aspire 5560g DRIVER extensively for over a week of heavy-duty data work, and was never bald when I did our saturation test with four clients. I use a router to share movies to my Android tablet, while presenting TV shows to Slate Windows and listening to internet radio programs on iPad-all while moving data back and forth with a desktop PC. Along, Netgear is a solid stone.

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